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589 Third Ave, San Diego CA​​​​​​​


Our cafe opened in 2007.  Previously our owner used to sell and trade coffee. It's with this knowledge that he and his business partner decided to open up their own shop, offering a smoke friendly environment. Our hookah is the best hookah in town and making special our blend. Also, feeling the middle eastern culture

Locally owned Tabac is a smoke friendly environment.  Our hookah is the best hookah in town. If you want to feel Turkish and middle eastern culture, you are in the right address. 

Especially, hookah culture in Turkey is so big, and the owner wants to bring culture here San Diego. We offer espresso -Turkish coffee, drinks, hookah, cigars, cigarets, pastries, locally made cakes, baklava, gelato, and free wifi. 

It's a great place for studying, taking a break or meeting up with friends! Come check out our humidor! 
Happy hour for hookah, just $10 (11 AM to 6.00 PM)

We serve the cigar and hookah with 10 years experience Please come in and check our special coffee and tea. Smoking the hookah is the lifestyle for me, the gorgeous thing came from the Middle East to the USA. I am not just owner, also I m doing hookah handmade to a customer.

There are many house mix available at our shop. I am an Industrial Engineer, and I just graduated from UCI for Marketing. I am doing this business because I love it.

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