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589 Third Ave, San Diego CA​​​​​​​

The Best Hookah Lounge in San Diego​​​​​​​

Taste The Culture

As you walk into our authentic establishment, you will feel and smell the Turkish and Arabic culture.

At Tabac Hookah Lounge you will be ushered into your ideal hookah paradise, owned and operated by leading Hookah industry innovators. Our atmosphere reverberates a relaxed and trendy vibe, surrounded by vintage and industrial design accents. The hookah bowls are crafted by experienced shisha chefs so you will not have to worry about a night out with a bad bowl.



We offer a vast selection of premium tobaccos to choose from in addition to our exclusive teas, primo coffee, and tradiontal tea. Come relax and socialize; whether you are looking to enjoy premium hookah with refreshments or playing board games with friends. This is the trendiest hookah lounge to complete your downtown experience.​​​​​​​


589 Third Ave, San Diego CA ​​​​​​​


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